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Stay Active This Autumn - Exercise Ideas for Fall

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Exercise Ideas for Fall

It can be difficult to stay motivated on rainy days, especially when the cold weather hits and all you wanna do is stay curled up in your pajamas and drink some hot chai! But, we argue that these exercise ideas for fall are worth a try :)

1. Hot Yoga (or Regular Yoga)

Stay toasty warm and sweat out the toxins with a little hot yoga love, or stick to regular yoga and keep your flexibility and soul-centeredness in tact this fall.

2. Running in Place

This is an easy, go-to exercise if you only have 15 minutes to get your sweat on before the beginning of your day! No gym required.

3. Push-Ups, Squats and Lunges at Home

Another easy option is doing traditional exercises in the comfort of your home.

4. Dance!

Who doesn't love to get movin'? Put on your favorite jams and channel your inner Dancing with the Stars pro! YouTube has a wide variety of dance tutorials, too.

5. Blogilates Tutorials (or Any Exercise Videos on YouTube)

A favorite of ours is Miss Cassey Ho of Blogilates - this lady is full of inspirational peptalk and actionable exercise plans for every day of your autumn!

6. Group Classes at Your Local Gym

The most foolproof way we know how to stay motivated is to buddy up and force your booty out of bed! Having an accountability partner will ensure that you work out when and where you say you will.

Plus, stay indoors with the perk of group exercise classes at the gym! Whether you like SoulCycle or opt for a hip hop dance class, your local gym is bound to have great selections.

Exercise Ideas for Fall

When you're pulling your hair back for your next exercise sesh, your trusty pieces to peaces will be right there for you! Here's a few of our favorite bands for exercise:

1. Camo Oly Band

Exercise Ideas for Fall

2. Steel Heather Oly Band

Exercise Ideas for Fall

3. Boho Paisley Oly Band

Exercise Ideas for Fall

4. Mustard Oly Band

Exercise Ideas for Fall

Aaaand, if you're going to brave the outdoors regardless of the rain, we suggest any of our new ear warmers to keep you cozy! :)

Have any ideas to add to our list? Comment below!

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Exercise Ideas for Fall

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