4 Reasons Why You Should Shop Small This Thanksgiving

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Reasons Why You Should Shop Small

With Small Business Saturday right around the corner, we are reminded of the reasons why you should shop small and support small biz this Thanksgiving (and throughout the whole holiday season)!

1. You're keeping things grassroots and homemade

All of our headbands are made right here in Olympia, Washington by a team of amazing female seamstresses. By shopping small, you're keeping things local and homemade vs. mass produced in factories with unethical treatment.

2. Your gift means so much more

By gifting your friends and family handmade/homemade products for the holidays, you are showing how much they mean to you by providing a unique and meaningful gift.

3. You're putting that money back into your community

Supporting the economic vitality of your community, by shopping small, you are investing back into the community that you know and love.

4. All of us do a little happy dance!

It's true... every time you shop small, a business owner does a little happy dance!

Why do you shop small? On behalf of all the small shop owners out there, we thank you for your loyalty and support.

Be You, Be Free
xo The Pieces to Peaces Team

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 Reasons Why You Should Shop Small

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