Top 4 Must-Haves for Yoga Class (feat. Oly Band headband)

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The Pieces to Peaces Oly Band headband is made of double brushed poly fabric, which means it’s perfect for you and all the other yogis in your life! This headband is extra wide and foldable and available in several different colors and patterns. Ya wanna know what else… it’s machine washable! Wash it, dry it and be on your way to your next yoga class in no time.

So, obviously the Oly headband is number 1 on the yoga class must-have list, but here are a few more to get you ready to downward dog!

Oly Band Headband

must-haves for yoga class

Keeps your hair in place and the sweat out of your face! Our bands are the perfect fit, which means no headaches and always stylish. We have a variety of colors and patterns that will go great with all your other yoga essentials and accessories.

S'well Bottle

must-haves for yoga class

You can never drink too much water, especially if it’s in this trendy all-black S'well bottle. Besides being able to match it to your favorite headband, these bottles are helping the earth! American Forests will plant one tree for every bottle sold... yes please! Not to mention being perfectly sized, eco-friendly and triple-walled for a condensation-free water bottle.

Yoga Mat

must-haves for yoga class

Available in just about any color and style, but comfort is the key to having the perfect yoga mat. Make sure it’s not too thin, giving your knees and joints the right amount of cushion. Finding the perfect yoga mat will make all the difference in your yoga flow. Let’s get your chakra in line, friend!

Essential Oil Blends

must-haves for yoga class

Finding the perfect blend of oils to incorporate into your yoga routine can be relaxing for your mind, body and soul. Find your perfect scent and let the aroma take you to your ultimate place of yoga bliss. What’s your favorite yoga oil blend?

Now grab your Oly Band headband and all your yoga essentials, and get to class! Namaslay, babe!

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must-haves for yoga class

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